Criminal Attorneys for Hire in Sacramento

I would like to hire a lawyer in the near future, and I need to get a good one. The lawyer is not for myself, but rather for my brother, who does not have enough money to hire a lawyer. He was going to just use a court appointed lawyer, but I am fairly sure that would not have worked out very well for him. So I decided to step in and look for a Sacramento criminal attorney on his behalf, to represent him in the upcoming legal proceedings against him.

As best I can tell, my brother has been set up by a few of his friends, in an effort to spare themselves from going to jail, and to pass the blame on to someone else. I guess it might be a stretch to call them ‘friends’, given the situation, but that is how my brother had considered them previously. Anyway, this is an ugly situation, and I do not want to spend too much time commenting on it, because of course, there is still a lot up in the air, and I do not know all of the details.

But for now, I need to work on hiring a lawyer and getting that taken care of. I think that is an important step that needs to be done today, if possible. I will try to go ahead and get it done within the next hour or so, assuming I can find a lawyer that I think would be good to hire. I really hipe that the help of a good lawyer will help my brother to get out of this mess, because he has too much ahead of him to go to jail and have his life jeopardized by this kind of nonsense. It would just be very senseless.

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